Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jessica alba butt. New picsz.

Jessica alba butt! Leave your comments motherfuckersss! )) Joke.

jessica alba buttjessica alba buttjessica alba buttjessica alba buttjessica alba butt
Who thinks Jessica Albas body is attractive? and why? I just her body, and I personally hate ...=/? I measure 35-23-36 I have a shorter torso and longer legs. I have a nice ass, I must admit, but my trunk isn't all that curvy. My thighs are more curvy that my trunk and I wish it was longer and curvier. Love handles arent what looks like an hourglass, or might have a little life (mine is 23) with broad thigs (36) and still be considered an hourglass? By the way, where you measure your hips, close to the barrel and around the area to manage your love? Thank you!
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